Ode Gand ZONDAG 15 september 2019: City of Ear.

Er zijn twee uitvoeringen op die dag: om 14 u en om 16 u. Een uitvoering duurt 33 minuten. Plaats Gent -Centrum. Op het einde stappen de koren al zingend naar het Braunplein.

De zondag na Ode Gand brengen de organisatoren een evenement tot stand waarbij een dertigtal koren opgesteld staan in de stad en allemaal eenzelfde lied brengen op hetzelfde moment.


RE:call | City of EAR is a large-scale in situ composition for 500 to 1000 singers in 20 to 24 mixed choirs. More accurately it is a framework of 20-40 different compositions to be performed simultaneously at different locations in a city centre, shaping and blending with the city soundscape. It addresses the acoustic ecology, the delicate balance between living organisms, including man, and their acoustical environment.

Listening should never be harmful to the ears

All choirs are subdivided into 6 clusters of 3 to 7 choirs of different character. Each cluster is located in a different city centre quarter where the choirs of the cluster are scattered within mutual hearing distance.
The central quarter is a large square where all choirs meet at rehearsal mark 24 (indicated as ‘meeting point’), to sing the final part together.
For the creation at Odegand 2019 (City of Ghent), the clusters/city quarters are : Kalandeberg, Mageleinstraat, Braunplein, Maaseikplein, Bisdomkaai and meeting point Sint-Baafsplein.
otal duration : ca. 33′

The composer wishes to thank Ghent Festival | Odegand and Koor & Stem for trust and support with the creation of this challenging project.
RE:call | City of EAR is part of the RE:flect series by Joris Blanckaert in the framework of his research at KASK & Royal Conservatory of Ghent.